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Right in the heart of Los Angeles is a quiet suburb that oozes luxury and decadence — the Hollywood Hills. It’s well known that this area is home to a plethora of A-listers like Keanu Reaves, Jodie Foster, and many other major names in the entertainment industry. That’s because homes in Hollywood Hills are hip & cool; with incredible views; and offers much-needed privacy to celebrities and their families.

Swanky mansions overlooking jaw-dropping ravines. Infinity pools from where you can watch the twinkling frontage of downtown. Plush houses tucked within lush scenery and landscape scenic ocean city views. The real estate vibe of Hollywood Hills is ‘comfort in the lap of luxury.

Homes in Hollywood Hills come as diverse as the gradient of Hollywood Hills. The area is specked with condominiums, single-family houses, beautiful townhouses, luxury Spanish-style villas, majestic mansions, and ultra-luxury properties. Some say, homes in Hollywood Hills define the best architecture and technology.

Geographically, Hollywood Hills lies between Mulholland Drive to its north and the world-famous Sunset Boulevard to the South. Doheny Estates boasts the newest & best in design and architecture at a premium price. Boasting sizable lens panoramic views and glitzy price tags. This is the ?? of Hollywood Hills.

Homeowners pay top-dollar to buy a property in this part of Hollywood Hills because of the celebrity factor. Towards the East is Laurel Canyon which has some of the best schools in Los Angeles. This is one of the best areas to look for a buy or rent a luxury home for families.

One of it’s premier neighborhoods is of Mount Olympus that has Beautiful views &, gorgeous architecture. Here, are a lot of wide streets, styled homes in all shapes and sizes. Mount Olympus is one of the top areas in LA for those who like to be near all the hot sports in the city.

If, however, you are looking for a peaceful and calm vibe, then Nichols Canyon is the way to go. Keep in mind though that if you want a house with a view in Hollywood Hills, then you will have to go through winding roads to get there. In fact, many famous movie directors live on dirt roads because it gives them the peace and quiet to tap into their creativity.

The Roger Perry Group is a well-established firm of Realtors. They will provide deep insight and everything else you need to know before you buy or rent a home in the Hollywood Hills. Roger Perry himself, being a local, has over two decades of experience in the sale and rent of luxury real estate in Hollywood Hills and the Los Angeles area.

Real estate is Roger’s passion. He takes a personal interest in your specific preferences when it comes to the aesthetics and practicality of buying or renting a property in Hollywood Hills.

Now you know that Hollywood Hills real estate does offer almost everything. Call Roger Perry’s office at 310.600.1553 now to see what Hollywood Hills has to offer to you.

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