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If you’re scouting for fancy, luxury living in Los Angeles, drive to Hollywood Hills. Keep in mind that homes for sale in Hollywood Hills translate into the most luxurious properties co-existing with stunning natural beauty and panoramic views, including a fantastic view of the great Hollywood sign.

Hollywood Hills is divided into two parts – the West and the East. Both sides are peppered with beautiful hiking and running trails so you can enjoy these activities at a stone’s throw away from your house.

The topography of the hills offers panoramic views. Living in the hills also means that you can enjoy dipping into your infinity pool looking out over unparalleled views of the skies and the city line. Buyers who are into creative professions – painters, designers, musicians, artists, writers, actors – would love the vibe of a Hollywood Hills home.

After nature, the next best thing about Hollywood Hills is its residents. Many celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, bankers, lawyers, art collectors, socialites, and the crème of LA society live in Hollywood Hills. The people are an eclectic mix to learn and evolve from.

A place that is a confluence of nature, art, and an eclectic mix of residents, is sure to be a hotpot of culture. True to its name, Hollywood Hills has some of the best and most historic spots for culture, and interestingly, counterculture. This neighborhood is home to the Walk of Fame (Hollywood Boulevard), Sunset Strip, the various studios, and the Hollywood Museum. Most studios regularly host art fairs inviting global artists to showcase and perform.

All in all, Hollywood Hills is a cauldron of energies – tranquil and surreal – to charm your senses and make you feel at home. A word of caution, real estate in Hollywood Hills is a booming market. If you’re looking to buy a home in this charming neighborhood, we strongly suggest that you go through a professional Hollywood Hills real estate broker.

Roger Perry is an award-winning Hollywood Hills real estate broker with over two decades of experience. Get in touch with Roger now at 310.600.1553 to get an in-depth analysis of the real estate market at Hollywood Hills.

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