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Platinum Triangle

You’re familiar with the classic California mansion: a pristine white villa flanked by a glittering swimming pool, lush lawns spreading in all directions, and a champion tennis court. A cluster of beauty pearled amongst the foothills of Santa Monica mountains. It’s quite likely that this heaven-on-earth home is located at Holmby Hills.

Holmby Hills is by far the most luxurious neighborhood in the Los Angeles area, and perhaps, the whole country. Located in the Westwood district, it was originally home to Californian Native Americans. It is said that these Native Americans were the most influential people of their time. Holmby Hills, as it developed, became a befitting tribute to its original residents. Legends like Walt Disney, Humphrey Bogart, Jean Harlow, Sidney Sheldon, and even Kylie Jenner have lived and created right here.

That’s another reason why you’re sure to find the most beautiful old-school estates dominating the real estate scene here. Buying a home in Holmby Hills then gives you the opportunity to own not just a house but a slice of American culture.

More than homes, the entire neighborhood has the most tranquil vibe. Mapleton Drive, considered to be the finest street on the West Coast, is located right here in Holmby Hills. Most of this neighborhood is a collection of gated homes set amongst tall trees and landscaped greens.

Walking becomes a delight as nature reins here. The topography is simply something to behold. All of this is minutes away from the bustling Beverly Hills market and the well-known Rodeo Drive located at its southeast. A couple of miles away lies Westwood village offering a stunning shopping experience to residents of Holmby Hills.

A short drive to the west offers the star-studded neighborhood of Bel-Air. Together with Bel-Air and Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills forms the elite Platinum Triangle of Los Angeles.

Since Holmby Hills is an exclusive neighborhood, there isn’t too much traffic going in and out. This ensures privacy and peacefulness in the area. Holmby Hills has one of the lowest population density neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area.

Furthermore, there are excellent schools all around Holmby Hills. In fact, the famous University of Los Angeles (UCLA) is literally at its doorstep, right next to the township of ‘Little Holmby’. Homes are a little affordable on this site, however, they still range in millions.

When you’re looking to buy a high-worth, exclusive piece of real estate, the rule of thumb is to proceed with an informed professional who has his finger on the pulse. That’s where Roger Perry comes into the picture.

Roger Perry is one of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles. Roger has over twenty years of industry experience. Roger is trained in design and has a keen sense of aesthetics. Combining this with his business degree, Roger is one of the most knowledgeable and well-connected brokers in Los Angeles today. Schedule an appointment with Roger now at 310.600.1553 to start your dream home journey.

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